The DecoTech takes pride in every project they are involved with.  They will work with you through every step of the process from conception, design, budget, management, and finally completion.  DecoTech can provide one-time landscape consultations, or plan your entire outdoor experience.  We have designers that can draw your plans, but we can also provide 3D renderings of all of our projects on your property.  DecoTech looks forward to working with you on your projects of all sizes in any style suitable to your tastes and architectural needs.  DecoTech is here for all of your outdoor needs.   

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Our Design Process

If comprehensive landscape design services are desired, then the usual process includes an initial meeting where design parameters such as the following are discussed:

  • the functions of various parts of the property
  • the needs of the people who will use the property
  • style and color preferences
  • required design elements
  • maintenance issues
  • privacy issues
  • sun and shade
  • lighting
  • pet needs
  • CC&R requirements

The second meeting is usually a presentation of a colorized design with a discussion about it, and the noting of any necessary changes.

Once a design is approved, DecoTech will provide phased approaches (if needed) and estimates for each phase and the entire project. 

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